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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trent Williams of OU

Skin's fans know that our team had some big holes to fix at the end of a terrible 4 - 12 season. Mike Shanahan was brought in to be the new coach, Bruce Allen the general manager and since Dan Synder has sat back and let his top two go to town on the roster. The first quiet free agency in years for Washington even though players like defensive end Julius Peppers (Carolina Panthers - Chicago Bears), middle linebacker Karlos Dansby (Arizona Cardinals - Miami Dolphins), free safety Antrel Rolle (Arizona Cardinals - New York Giants), etc... were available and could fill needs. Instead former Pro Bowlers Larry Johnson and Willie Parker were brought in for depth and competition behind starting tailback Clinton Portis; defensive tackle Maake Kemoeatu, and quarterback Rex Grossman are among the best known names. Most recently trades for Donovan McNabb from divison rival Philly gives a proven leader at quarterback, and defensive end/tackle Adam Carriker from the St. Louis Rams shows that there finally is a plan in the nation's capital. This plan goes in full effect with the draft and around 8 PM the Redskins chose left tackle Trent Williams of Oklahoma University an All-American selection in 2009 to anchor that line and protect the blind-side of McNabb.

Skin's fans forget the past, our team is headed in the right direction! Now pour yourself something nice, sit back, relax while watching the rest of the draft with BSC.

75th NFL Draft

It starts in the exhausting heat of August every year! Youth leagues, high schools, colleges and professional teams alike prepare for and begin a season in one of the most physically demanding and grueling sports, FOOTBALL. After the season ends the next one begins especially in the NFL with free agency, the combine, the annual late April draft, and OTA's. Tonight at 7:30PM the 75th NFL Draft will occur, who will your favorite pro team pick, where will your favorite college player end up, will there be some crazy trade? Until it's all said and done we won't know, but in the mean time I'll keep you up-to-date on draft picks and trades. Don't worry REDSKIN fan's, you'll know first what the BURGUNDY and GOLD do.

So grab yourself something nice to sip on, sit back and relax with Best Served Chill'd and the NFL draft! GO SKINS

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So I've had my one and only slip up in this experiment/project. Sorry it's taken me a week to get anything new up here but there is tons to post so keep checking back for those updates. Don't forget to check out the BSC facebook fan page and follow me @AlixBSC on twitter.

Don't forget to pour yourself something nice, sit back-n-relax, and enjoy your time with Best Served Chill'd

- The Manager

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Losing Love, Finding Happiness"

You already know what it is, "Losing Love, Finding Happiness" has dropped. You also already know its R.E.A.L. Dope! Jay2da an up and coming artist from the DMV has released his much anticipated debut mixtape and has done nothing but blow minds. Download "Losing Love, Finding Happiness" and follow on twitter at @Jay2daHUH and his fan page Jay2da on facebook. Keep checking back here at Best Served Chill'd to keep up with my crew at R.E.A.L. Dope!

So download "Losing Love, Finding Happines," and Sit back, Relax, Blast the tape, and Sip on something nice with Best Served Chill'd

"Dream Big!" - GD

R.E.A.L. Dope! 2010, I can officially tell the take over is beginning! Yes that was a little more than extremely biased because thats my crew but come midnight Jay2da will make you a believer once you download and listen to "Losing Love, Finding Happiness." But while you wait download the other half of The Hammer Boys, GD's debut mixtape "Dream Big!"

Jay2da - "Losing Love, Finding Happiness" Preview

So tonight at midnight it finally happens! My boy Jay2da of The Hammer Boys will be releasing his debut mixtape titled "Losing Love, Finding Happiness." With a mix of soulful, mainstream, fun-loving, deep, meaningful, R.E.A.L. Dope lyrics, beats, and collaborations this will be a tape that you'll be blasting for a very long time while in your whips, dorm rooms, houses, and just about everywhere! Collaborating artists include the other half of The Hammer Boys: GD, GripP (Tha Constrikta), Aiden J, and Steven Lilly on beats produced by Johnny Juliano, Sindustry, Puzzle Productions, DJ Khalil, and 75 Dollar Exclusives. Follow Jay2da on twitter at @Jay2daHUH and check out the other posted links!

Check back later today for a sneak preview of "Losing Love, Finding Happiness" as well as the link to download "LL,FH" tonight at midnight!

And don't forget when listening to "LL,FH" to Sit back, Relax, and Sip on Something Nice with Best Served Chill'd

- Ali

Wiz Khalifa - Kush and Orange Juice

It has finally dropped, Wiz Khalifa's "Kush and Orange Juice" mixtape has final been released after multiple delays! I haven't had an opportunity to listen to it as its still in the middle of being downloaded but I'll be posting a little review once I get a chance to let it play! In the mean time download the tape, and like always Sit back, Relax, and Sip on Something Nice with Best Served Chill'd

- Ali
Best Served Chill'd

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

R.E.A.L. Dope!

Check out R.E.A.L. Dope! The crew consists of GD & Jay2da of The Hammer Boys, Digital Vinyl, and GripP (Tha Constrikta) all from the Northern Virginia area, with the same goal: making great music, and helping take the DMV to the next level.

Check out the fan pages on Facebook:

Also check R.E.A.L. Dope! on Youtube: 1REALDope

- Ali

Monday, April 12, 2010

GD - "WerdPlay" ft Rob Akins

Check out my brother GD one half of The Hammer Boys, on his track "WerdPlay" ft Rob Akins off of his debut mixtape Dream Big!

Best Served Chill'd

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